MACtac is the ultimate line of digital self-adhesive stickers for flexible and versatile communication design and applications. All materials are manufactured in Belgium and backed by 40 years of expertise. They have the most comprehensive range of stickers and are widely used in Europe and North America

Mactac is a global company that has always been driven by innovation, discovering future customer needs and developing new products. Mactac offers a wide array of products used in various fields including graphic and decoration, theself adhesive label industry, and fixing and mounting solutions in several industries. On top of a high level of in-house manufacturing and R&D excellence, Mactac has been working on developing a strong partnership with its customers and a solid sustainable development policy. (via


Quantummedia Marketing Inc. prides to be the exclusive distributor of Vertac brand SAV sticker in the Philippines.


Vertac is a professional brand for digital printing materials and advertising producer which is manufactured by Xusen HCR Digital Media Co., LTD. for more than 10 years. Their customers are all over the world, including Europe, America and so on. Vertac brand focuses on the development and solution for Self Adhesive, Vinyl series and Cold Lamination Film series.


Self Adhesive Vinyl products: Vertac is dedicated when it comes to providing one-stop solution for SAV industrial large format printing media. Vertac has a wide range of products that caters the economical and premium application as the market demands.


According to different markets, Vertac is not only committed in providing high-quality and stable printing materials, but also pays attention to lower-cost operation to offering cost-effective products. (via Vertac)

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