Unleash new applications with White Ink

  • W+COLOR: Printing on colored and clear material such as banner, polycarbonate, cardboard, glass, clear film, clear PET, etc. 

                              Application: Printing color on red banner

  • DAY & NIGHT: Color consistency with frontlit & backlit

                             Application: Lightbox with consistent color with & without light on

  • SANDWICH: Identical images on both sides

                             Application: Bi-directional PET sign, hassle-free and precise registration by printing both images simultaneously.

  • EMBOSS: A multi-layers white ink relief printing, 2.5D effect.

                             Application: Duplicated oil painting

  • DUAL IMAGE: One picture with two images

                             Application: Backlit banner showing two different presenting 2 images at different time.



All new evolution of LED-UV ink


Superb high-gloss finish LED-UV ink delivering wide color gamut comparable to solvent ink, vivid color with high-gloss effect. Perfect dot shape and dot size.

Super Silkgloss Effect / Dual UV Lamps System

Our revolutionary two-stage UV-LED curing technology will eliminate the UV banding effects encountered in conventional UV curing process, thereby delivering the superb image quality of the prints.Switching between matte and gloss effect can be easily achieved with our proprietary ink technology, curing methods and software control.

Orange & Green LED-UV ink delivering super wide color gamut


Optional new Orange & Green special color LED-UV ink, a full upgrade of color spectrum with super wide color gamut of your printer. Special color orange & green deliver more accurate industrial color, crisp image, smoother gradient, wider gamut and best print quality.

Image enhancement in between Black and White: Gray Special color ink

Gray special color LED-UV ink option improves grayscale, a light to dark print area is now perfectly addressed. Depth of image between black and white is enhanced and it will deliver much a more professional grayscale photorealistic print quality

Advantages of LED-UV curable technology


  • Non mercury & odorless LED-UV deliver no UV radiation, running with low energy consumption and low heat compared to traditional UV technology
  • 30,000 hours average long lifecycle with very low deterioration thus consistent long hours output can be maintained.
  • LED-UV ink only cured (dried) after exposure of high content of LED-UV light, maintenance of printhead become minimal and easy. Printhead lifecycle can be prolonged.

Multi-media loading options

  • 3 media loading options cater fro lightweight, heavyweight & soft media. Different media can be handled accordingly.
  • 2" & 3" media core design for easy lightweight media loading / unloading
  • Traditional full-width media spindle for stable printing
  • Lightweight media roller guide for soft / lightweight tensioning. Media can be printed with smoother and aligned surface

Precise media loading for accurate dot placement

Our new media loading system allows accurate dot placements with accurate dot size thus delivering superb quality prints.

  • Industrial grade motor and guide assembly resulting in stable print carriage during high speed printing.
  • New pinch-roller assembly with anti-slip capability
  • Synchronized media loading/unloading system for consistent media tension in long hour printing.
  • Multi-point vacuum print platen for enhanced media handling

Ease of use printer control software (PCS) with high compatibility solution

  • Printer & system status control is easily displayed & monitored. 
  • Highly compatible filmware works with most of the industrial RIP software such as ONYX, CALDERA, PM

Increase productivity and print on media

UV LED lamps do not need to warm up. Printing can begin immediately upon starting the printer. No infrared heat is emitted from LED light source , thus eliminating the problems of printing on heat sensitive media. UV LED lamps also consume much less power as compared to conventional UV lamps.

Eco friendly Solution

UV LED curing technology is truly an environmental solution since LED lamps are mercury-free and there are no UV rays, no ozone emitting and no risk in bulb breaking. UV LED lamps have e long life cycle, the output power is consistent throughout its whole life cycle thus ensuring the consistent print quality.

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