• Professional UV solutions make bright color expression
  • International environmental standard UV inks
  • White ink recycle system enables stable printing white color
  • Cold light LED curing with tiny temperature variation ensures high printing quality
  • Adjustable head height, laser positioning system and movable 
  • printing platform result in high-efficiency printing jobs
  • Stable printing technology and ink supply system reduces maintenance cost

3/4 Industrial Heads, Small Size, High Production


With two staggered lines print heads layout, we are able to select different color configuration such as dual CMYK or CMYK+W. Which meets various demand for different users.

Multi-function UV printer


Integrated belt & flatbed media feeding system that is competent to print both roll and rigid media. Folding extension frame saves space and cost as well. 

  • High efficient uv-led technology
  • Four layers printing,exquisite and vivid color output
  • International environmental standard UV inks
  • Odorless, LESS environmental impact
  • Optional eight-color print mode(CMYKLCLMLK+W)
  • Superior image quality on a wide array of medias with uv ink.

3 Industrial Heads


Massive production capacity for bulk order. Suitable for various application with optional color modes

  • CMYKLcLm
  • CMYK+W


5 Layers Printing- Double sided Application


3D stereo images, new applications for window stickers, can print different design patterns on both sides.


Adopting 4 layers printing technology, Enabling the backlight patterns to change magically


 With the interior light of four layers printing technology ‘Color+Black+White+Color’ can achive the magically changing effect of the patterns from backlight. 


  • High-efficiency UV LED technology;
  • Environmentally friendly UV ink meets international environment standards;
  • Industrial-grade structure, easy to operate, high stability;
  • Upgraded dual guide rails ensure more stable printing;
  • The media system with torque motor and air-shaft makes more stable rolling media;
  • Equipped soft film tension system offers suitable pressure for various media.

More stable upgraded media system


New designs including adjustable air-driven pinch roller system (3 in 1), upgraded media roller surface and feed  motor control system ensure stability of media feeding.

Maximum 6 Ricoh Gen5 Print Heads


Three lines print heads in staggered layout makes the highest productivity and various applications with optional color modes.

  • CMYK+W+CMYK (three layers)
  • W+CMYK+V (three layers) 


New soft film feeding system


Air-driven moisture system, pinch roller and soft film feeding system


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